Mailbox Replacement

If you need to replace your mailbox, you can do so by contacting Strickland Metal Craft @ 770-732-9391.

Mailbox: $35*
Post: $95*
Address plate: $65*
Brass numbers: $5/piece (can be affixed with clear silicone. Contact Strickland for details)
Installation fee – $150*

If you need just the mailbox replaced, it can be purchased at the Home Depot for $19.48*. This is the same mailbox Strickland Metal Craft uses. The mailbox is Gibraltar Industries Standard Size Black Galvanized Steel Rural Mailbox (Model E1100B00).

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox post and address plate are painted with Rust-Oleum glossy black. Because the numbers on the address plate are brass, there are no recommendations on how to paint them other than polish them with a brass cleaner, or replace them.

Strickland suggests using a wire-brush to remove loose paint, rust, and other debris prior to painting.

*Prices are subject to change.